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Our Next Race: Cruel Jewel 100 and 50

Who are these Dumasses?

We are the Dahlonega UltraMarathon Association and we like to run really far. We plan, organize, and host events for people who like to run really far too. Ultramarathon races are running races exceeding the distance of a marathon.

Ultramarathons are for experienced runners (with much running comes much responsibility), but those who take on the physical and mental challenge find a rewarding running experience unlike any other!

Dumass Events first podcast of 2024

The Ultra Running Guys invited us to talk all things Cruel Jewel 100. Give it a listen here or watch it on the YouTube here:...

Our Next Race

Course Records

Ladies: 24:50:52 (2024)

Gents: 21:41:31 (2024)

The Cruel Jewel 100 is a 104-mile foot race deep within the beautiful Chattahoochee National Forest of the North Georgia Mountains. It consists of 92 miles of trails, 12 miles of mountain roads, and 20 aid stations.

The Cruel Jewel 100 is laid out for tough and experienced trail runners, therefore there will be qualifications and requirements to be eligible for entry.












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