Grant Searcey, the artist behind Dumass Events

Sean and Sarah got to know Grant through DUMAss Events, but grew that friendship beyond the race company. Grant’s art was a staple in Dahlonega Mountain Sports, a store Sarah and Sean owned on the square in Dahlonega for several years. Grant would stop by to drop inventory off at the shop and was never quick to leave. He and Sean would spend time waxing topics of any and everything you could imagine. When we created the Bull Mountain Epic, we had no idea it would be the last race we would get to work with Grant on. 

Grant described his style as a melting pot of urban graffiti, graphic novels, anime and the natural world around him here in the North Georgia mountains. Whether it’s lovebird owls or a Steampunk wolverine you’re sure to find something unique to brighten up your day!

Grant left this world October 27th, 2018.  We miss him, his energy, his hugs, his talent, his smile, and so much more, but we are so fortunate to be able to share his art through our races and see it and his memory live on. 

To see Grant, both as a human and artist, check out this video he had made before his passing.